What is the minimal score that I need to achieve in order to pass a unit?

You must demonstrate full competency for each assessment. To be competent in each unit, you must be competent in ALL assessments for that unit. There is no score but a “Pass” or “Not yet competent” grade. If you are NYC then you will be granted 2 more attempts for your assessment. If you are still NYC after the third attempt, then you will have to meet with your Senior Lecturer or the Academic Manager to establish a study plan.

How does a degree / contents from ihBC compares with other business colleges?

Our qualifications have been developed and designed by industry experts and we have followed governmental required standards when doing so. Our trainers are highly qualified and own a wealth of experience. You will receive high quality teaching and training. We will do our best to ensure that each student learning journey is enjoyable and goes smoothly. We want to make sure that the courses we provide are up to the IH standards.

Could I change from one campus (Sydney) to another (Darwin) in the middle of any term? What happens if it is an urgent matter like work?.

You cannot transfer from one campus to another in the middle of a term but only at the beginning of each term. If there are special circumstances, then this can be discussed on a case by case basis but approval is at the discretion of the College. Work is not an urgent matter and will not be considered as such.

Can I pay by instalments? How can the payment be made? 

Yes, you can pay by instalment. Please ask Student Services for more information.

Can I validate units if I enrol in consecutive courses? For example “Making presentations” in Diploma and Adv. Diploma afterwards. If so, do I need to pay additional fees for that?

Some units may be transferred from one course to another on the same AQF level. You can also apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you have overseas qualifications or have working experience. RPL is $250 / unit. There is no fee for CT. Applying CT or RPL will reduce the duration of your course, therefore the duration of your visa.

Can I enrol for 6 months only and how does that work with the certificate or the confirmation of what subjects I have attended?.

Yes, but you will only get a Statement of Attainment for the units you are deemed competent in.

What are the requirements to be accepted for the Diploma or Advanced Diploma straight away and what certification or qualification t do I need to provide?.

Each course has different requirements. The higher the level of the qualification, the more requirements or experience is necessary. Please refer to the course handbook or the website.

Once I started and found out in the middle of the course that I need additional holidays lets say 4 weeks or more how does that affect my studies, is that ok?

This will affect your progression. As timetables are provided to all students a long time in advanced, students are encouraged to schedule their holidays during study breaks. This is not ok to schedule four weeks holidays in the middle of a course. All terms have 6 weeks teaching and two weeks holidays, this provide students with enough time to go on a holidays.

Also if I have to come everyday and if I can not make it how can I make up what I have missed?

We will establish a training plan with you to finish to complete your course.

Structure of the course what percentage is done via Online system and what percentage of the course is requested to be done face to face?.

We offer face to face, virtual classes and blended learning.

What will happen if I find a new job and I can’t attend compulsory Mondays can I come on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

You are highly encouraged to attend Monday core lectures as Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not training days.

Is there anything extra during this course? (Seminars from professionals working in the same industry).

At ihBC we want to think outside the frame. We understand that the way we run businesses and demonstrate leadership has changed so we will ensure that we stay current with our guest speakers and other key personals. You will also go on excursions to experience the world of business.