Technical Project Management: What is it and why is it required?

Technical project management is the process of handling digital projects. It involves managing both technical and non-technical stakeholders. The project lifecycle involves steps such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and completion. Managers who handle this kind of project must acquire high-level technology knowledge to succeed. Understanding of IT infrastructure: Digital products demand technical project [...]

Digital Media Marketing: 3 reasons why every business student should learn more about it.

The emergence of digital technology provides businesses a diverse set of tools to reach, engage, monitor, and respond to consumers. Digital media is a form of media that incorporates electronic devices for the distribution of information. Digital media marketing is a set of promotional activities that businesses use to advertise their products. Most of the [...]

Tips to get noticed on Instagram

Instagram is often considered the most effective social media channel for marketing and brand reach, particularly its clean interface and highly engaged user base. Yet with more than two billion monthly active account holders, competition for businesses has never been steeper—right when the platform is the most valuable. So how can you still get noticed [...]

Things To Know About Vocational Training Courses in Australia

Do you want to start a career in Australia but don’t know what vocational training courses are available? This article gives you all the information you need to make the right choice. From Certificate IV to Certificate III and II qualifications, these courses will help you become an industry professional or advance your skills in [...]

5 Reasons to Study a Diploma of Social Media Marketing

Demand for digital marketing is high and is likely to increase in the next years. Consumers are more online than ever and are using at least one social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. In light of this, businesses are investing heavily in marketing via social media and offering more opportunities to those with [...]

Top 6 Reasons to Study a Diploma of Marketing and Communication in 2022

Marketing is an essential aspect of every business's operation in the modern world. It’s more than just a department within a large company and is, in fact, the set of skills that can be useful for any profession. In a nutshell, marketers seek to study customer behavior to develop a strategy that improves a business's [...]

How a Diploma of Leadership and Management strengthens your job skills

There are many things that make you a strong job applicant and a valuable employee. Your practical skills, your experience, and your education all play a part in making you the best possible candidate for the job. But what if you could add one more item to that list? What if you could say that [...]