ihBC Team

At IH Business College we select our teachers based upon their qualifications, level and range of experience, communication skills and ability to support students. Our teachers have extensive qualifications and experience.

Executive Team

Tim Eckenfels


Fernando Passarelli

General Manager

Gloria Gambrellis

Director of Business College at IH

David Molina

Director of Sales

Fernanda Soto

Director of Marketing

Taylor Dutton

Director of Human Resources

Kay Wong

Director of Admissions and Student Services

JulieĀ Bae

Director of Accounting

Charles Connor

Quality Assurance Manager

Education Department

Jeff De Jager

Program Manager- Gold Coast & Byron Bay

Zak Zreikat

Senior Program Manager

Marike Janacivius

Program Manager- Sydney City & Bondi

Tony Rahal

Training and Innovation Manager

Ali Hussain

Program Manager- Darwin

Kevin Birkhahn

Program Manager- Melbourne

Jason Healy

Head Trainer- Sydney City & Bondi

Greg Money

Head Trainer- Sydney City & Bondi

Leana Barcebal

Head Trainer- Darwin

Alfred Cheah

Head Trainer- Melbourne

Admissions & Administration

Jill Woodfield

Admissions Manager

Ami Saito

Administration Team Manager

Ezequiel Diaz

Administration Coordinator

Adam Bold

Administration Support