ihear u

Most people have been finding life extra challenging in the past few months, and we understand that our students have been affected more severely than most by the current pandemic.  You may be suffering financially as well as missing your family, friends and homeland, or struggling to communicate in a foreign and unfamiliar city.  You may also be experiencing anxiety or depression.

At International House we provide a service to improve our students’ wellbeing and help them reach their potential during their studies. ihear u has been designed to support students that could benefit from the  opportunity to talk to someone that can provide you with tools to help you thrive. This service is now available across campuses at International House and ihBusiness College.

Fernanda is here to listen to you with a friendly, sympathetic and non-judgmental ear.  She is a qualified counsellor, and a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association.  Fernanda is also an ESL teacher and, as someone who migrated to Australia from Latin America, has experienced the hardship and culture shock of being an international student and starting a new life far from home and family.  Fernanda’s skills and experience make her uniquely qualified as our Wellbeing Coordinator and Counsellor.

She is available for appointments if you would like a confidential conversation about your wellbeing concerns.  As well as individual and group sessions, Fernanda’s program of emotional and psychological support includes workshops and the provision of resources.

Please watch the video to find out more, or contact us to make an appointment.