Every industry needs leaders, product and program managers and trained business minded people. Business skills are the most transferable skills that can be applied in any industry. You will learn to manage, operate or start-up a business with the skills you learn in our courses. ihBC offers courses in Program Management and Business designed for the fast paced world we live in.

Further develop your skills across a wide range of business functions and learn from Industry Experts who will share with you their wealth of knowledge.

Those studying Business will gain an understanding of markets, finances, managing people and projects, policies and procedures and business operations. Having a qualification in Business opens doors to many industry and pathways.


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We want to make studying at our ihBC an exciting, challenging and fulfilling experience. For many it will be a life-changing one too.

All our trainers and assessors are committed to providing a high standard of course delivery that will engage our students. All our trainers and assessors:

  • Have extensive qualifications & experience
  • Are specialized in their industry and in Vocational Education and Training
  • Are chosen for their ability to engage and develop student interest in the courses
  • Are genuinely focused on their students’ progress
  • Deliver innovative, educational and interactive lessons
  • Are supportive to all students