Term Fee Payment

We are pleased to introduce you to our new payment platform, PoliPayments. This is the easiest way to make your tuition fee payment, and have it automatically credited to your account. A 0.33% surcharge applies.  For a payment of $1,000, the surcharge is $3.30.


To make payment, please follow these instructions:

1) Log in to your student portal at

Log in using your student number and password (if you have forgotten these please contact

2) Go to the Payment section.

3) Select the course and fee you want to pay for.

4) Click the $ icon. This button will open the PayFees Online pop-up.

5) Click the POLi button and then log in with your Australian bank details.

6) Follow the POLi Payments instructions to complete your payment.

7) Return to the student portal home page to complete the transaction.


If you are facing financial difficulties, please contact