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IH Sydney aims to provide you with the best possible experience when studying with us. We have multiple payment options so that you can choose what best suits you. If you wish to make payment with an alternate method, please visit or contact our Student Services team who can help you with your payment options or any other questions you may have.

IH Sydney provides Credit and Debit Cards, BPAY, and TransferMate as our payment options.

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This transaction will be charged a fee of 1%.

Once the form is complete, the Submit button will become active. Please press this to be taken to a secure area where you can safely enter your credit card information.

We are excited to introduce our newest payment method, BPAY!

IH Sydney Training Services is the first and only college in Australia offering BPAY to its students. BPAY is the simplest, fastest and most convenient way to pay your tuition fees incurring no transaction fees.

Pay your fees with online or mobile banking by using your biller code and reference number (CRN).


  1. Log in to your online or mobile banking.
  2. Choose the BPAY or Bill Payment option.
  3. Find the BPAY logo in your e-mail or on your student portal
  4. Enter the payment details:
  • BPAY Biller code
  • Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • Amount from your bill.
  • Then click to pay

For more information, you can also visit

TransferMate is an easy to use online international payment solution available for offshore students, which offers fast, secure and affordable payments. With no fees, preferential exchange rates and lower administration costs, you can make substantial savings on international fee payments.

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