Learning Support

We provide on the job training, webinars, workshops, virtual and blended model options. Learning and assessment support of trainer and assessor of regular contact through multiple modes. One on One visits every 6-8 weeks for each student, for students in workplace studies.  Workshops at the clients or our venue and online units.

  • Quality training resources and materials. All resources and delivery can be customised with the inclusion of the client’s standards, policies and procedures
  • An industry specific training plan customised to each learner’s role
  • An induction session to all supervisors and participants with the provision of Student Handbooks and a Supervisor guides
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy support is provided to each student through their student journey. We also use the LLN Robot as an additional tool to ensure we assess students LLN levels to support our students learning development throughout their course duration
  • On-the-job training, scenarios and examples are used to develop understanding and where no employment is obtained, internships are available
  • Activities and projects including on-the-job work tasks can be included with scenarios and examples to develop understanding
  • On the job training coupled with a coaching and mentoring service to each participant to provide learning outcomes in industry and also achieve the appropriate competencies
  • Develop an agreed assessment strategy specific to your organisational and individual needs
  • Online Surveys are to be contexualised to meet, monitor and review the industry specific outcomes of the programs through the learners and business objectives
  • Classroom (P) –students attend face to face delivery of the course material and answer questions and clarify information provided in the learner guide, Rise, and You Tube
  • Classroom (Z) -students attend face to face delivery of the course material and answer questions and clarify information provided in the learner guide, Rise, and You Tube
  • Canvas (C) –is our learner management system and is the depository for all training tools
  • Rise (R) –is an overview of the course material contained in our learner guide
  • Learner Guides (LG) –is a document containing all of the written information which supports the trainers to ensure the student understands and acquires the skills and knowledge for the unit
  • You tube videos (U) –is a video usually demonstrating the skills to be acquired in the unit for use in the workplace
  • Demonstration (D) –may include the use of You tube videos, the trainer may also undertake the demonstration in (P)
  • Academic Skills Program (ASP) –is a program to clarify understanding of the material and prepare for assessment. This period does not include the Assessment Intervention Program
  • Work Skills Program (WSP) –is a program to assist students in understanding the application and mechanics of skills to be used in the workplace
  • Internship Program (IP) is a program to assist students be industry ready with workplacement organised to obtain practical and current industry experience to have application and competency in their field and course requirements

Non-structured Training (NT) –this tool is used with all qualifications and consists of activities suggested for the students to complete during the course, which may include any or all of the following:

  • Private study, preparation & follow-up
  • Self-initiated learning
  • Research
  • Undertake practice in the industry skill sets in the qualification
  • Attend Industry events
  • Read industry magazines
  • Engage with industry networks including LinkedIn
  • Participate in conferences and technical seminars